Although “remixing” existing products has become popular over the past few years thanks to desktop fabrication, fail-proof basic 3D modeling programs and a seemingly endless library of shareable 3d models, NYC-based pop artist Morgan Phillips (AKA The Sucklord) has been actively remixing his own toy designs using mass production methods for nearly two decades.

Operating amongst the vegetable stalls and fish markets in a tiny studio in New York City’s Chinatown district, Phillips has been cranking out his own toy designs using a variety of manufacturing methods ranging from custom molds to simple body part-swapping to create the remixed concepts – oftentimes using LEGO bricks to build his molds.

While the thought of swapping toy parts may bring to mind Sid’s personal Mutant Toys from the popular Toy Story franchise, Phillips goes as far as to actually repackage his politically-conscious concepts and sells them in stores under his company name Suckadelic.

“Suckadelic is an evil arts organization based in Chinatown New York City. Specializing in Bootleg Toys, illicit remix records, and duffed out Supervillain Soap operas, it’s universally regarded as the sleaziest brand in the game,” says the Suckadelic website.

“Ruled from a hidden Sweatshop by the intergalactic criminal and cosmic playboy, the SUPER SUCKLORD, Suckadelic has continued to pump highly addictive pop culture crap into the veins of willing victims since 1997.”

Filmmaker Joey Garfield (from Juxtapoz Magazine) recently met up with Phillips in his Chinatown ‘manufacturing facility’ to get the full rundown on why Phillips does what he does, how he does it and why sometimes it’s best to “not fit in” (note: video is nsfw).

Check out more about Phillips and his bootleg toys over at Suckadelic.


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