Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel never fails to entertain. (Check out our interview with him.) He can make a slingshot from anything. His latest video proves that, with the complete process of how he weaponized his beard.

“As you can see, now the beard is no longer on my cheeks, it is in my slingshot.”

What ever could the process of fashioning a slingshot from beard hair be like? Let’s break it down. First you shave your face with a Cold Steel Rajah folding knife. Then you make a mold for your beard hair slingshot. Then you pack your beard hair in the mold. And then you pour in the epoxy. Once you’ve got it clear of the mold, you would be missing out on the experience if you didn’t polish it up and make a few ‘beardleberries’ beard hair ammo balls of the excess beard hair.

“After the shaving, the harvest was plentiful. So we went ahead and used the thick beard hairs to stabilize a molded epoxy slingshot. There was even enough hairs left for two bullets!”

I’m positive Joerg’s beard hair is so strong he didn’t need epoxy to reinforce it, but braiding all that mess would take YEARS. The bonus? His beard hair is now forever preserved in epoxy, and your day is 100 times better for seeing this.

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