While most of the world relies on dominoes and LEGOs to make large toppling sculptures, the Dutch have something a little bit different: Kapla blocks. These sets consisting of wood pieces measuring 11.7cm x 2.34cm x 0.78cm are very similar to dominoes, the only difference being Kaplas were made for construction and not for playing a tile-based board game.

YouTube creator Crouzier Benjamin has been making gigantic Kapla sets for years – putting their durability as well as their ability to beautifully collapse to the test. In one of his more recent builds, he creates a giant cylindrical coliseum inside a bedroom before toppling it onto the bed:

YouTube video

It took him 12,000 blocks and two days to work on this wooden tower of power, and all it takes is a little nudge to set the chain of Kaplas off to sleep.

kappla tired coliseum

What’s amazing is how the outer shell topples without causing the inner portion of the tower to crumble along with it. Once the falling blocks reach the top, it sets off three wooden braziers which crumble along with the tower’s legs, promptly making the whole thing fall on the bed.

kappla tired coliseum
kappla tired coliseum

As with any toppling block build, Crouzier went through a lot of trial and error to get this video just right. Every block had to be placed properly as to not mess up the fall nor jam the whole thing up.

Crouzier Benjamin has a lot more falling Kapla set creations over on his YouTube channel, so give it a look if you’re in the mood for some controlled destruction! Now that his tired coliseum has gone to sleep, maybe it’s creator can get some much needed rest as well…


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