In between writing blogs on 3D printing, I’ve been working hard on another project – The Rygo. Made of 3D Printed Concrete, this incredible piece is going to be properly unveiled on Thursday, July 26th in Vancouver, Canada. Weighing some 3,600 pounds and standing close to 7 ft tall, the Rygo is by far the largest 3D print in North America and one of the biggest ever made in the World. The whole design is a ‘Triply Periodic Minimal Surface’ created in Rhino and Grasshopper.

What’s the Story?

Around December last year I read about Joshua Harker’s Kickstarter campaign and wondered if something similar could be pulled off. I asked famed artist and designer Bathsheba Grossman if she’d be interested in printing one of her works in stone  – she gave me the go-ahead and bam! We were off to the races. We raised some $3,300 on Indiegogo and 3D printed it with Enrico Dini’s DShape out of Pisa, Italy. It was, as he described it, ‘difficult to print’ but he did it. It was by far his most complicated print, but his ‘most magnificent’ piece as well.

Where Can I See It?

The past month I’ve been occupied getting The Rygo through customs, prepping it for installation, sanding it down a little and installing a light within it. And this week we’re going to load it up and drop it off at beautiful VanDusen Botanical Gardens for our opening reception. So to all our Vancouver-area Solidsmack readers, I invite you to come on Thursday, July 26th between 6:30 and 9:00pm and see it for yourself. The Rygo will be there until the end of the year.

More details at the Facebook event page