With a deep fascination of what they call the “common territories between architecture and music”, designers Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente of NYC design studio Stereotank operate somewhere at the intersection of architecture, art and sound.

Although the team is used to working at a large-scale, they’ve recently turned their attention to creating hybrid objects and instruments made from repurposed materials and pre-fab systems – such as the Lap Skate Guitar.

Built out of a blank wood skateboard deck, a 1/4″ input jack, an electric guitar bridge, one guitar pickup, one volume knob, one lock nut and six tuning pegs, the Lap Skate Guitar is certainly a unique take on the concept of functional hybrid products – even if the tuning might be a tad off and the harmonics a bit thin:

YouTube video

Although the Lap Skate Guitar is perhaps the most functional piece out of the Stereotank portfolio, Ertorteguy and Valente are quite ingenious when it comes to making large-scale instruments designed for public urban spaces, too:

5-Story Bass

top view_2000



Transit Bass

transit bass 1_2000




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