Candy may not have a lot of useful benefits (it causes diabetes, toothache, and high blood pressure just to name a few), but many people still love it. It’s sweet, it makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift, and (shockingly) you can string a bunch of it to hold your weight.

Nate and Cali at The King of Random love candy rope so much that they decided to put its name to the test. Using 12 pounds of the red licorice, they see if a thick rope of sugar can hold the weight of a grown person.

They start by using a fish scale to test the weight limit of a single knotted piece of licorice. After discovering it can hold about 2.5 pounds (1.13kg), they test it again with 8 strands of licorice – 4 of which are joined into one giant strand, and another 4 which are braided together.

candy rope

Turns out, it doesn’t really matter whether or not the candy rope is braided. Since 4 strands can hold a weight of about 7 pounds (3.18kg), they upscale the number of strands to 100 and see if it can carry and hold a human being for more than a few seconds.

candy rope

Using a pair of larger hooks drilled into the ceiling, Cali takes her pair of hundred licorice ropes and hangs on it as she put their theory to the test.

candy rope

Despite its oily feature which makes it a challenge to hold on to, the licorice actually CAN hold you mid-air for a good number of seconds before breaking. Nate and Cali decide to use paper towels to mitigate the slipperiness of the candy ropes with much success.

They try the same experiment again, this time with a much taller Nate using paper towel handholds from the get-go:

candy rope

This time, Nate is able to swing from the licorice rope for a few seconds… right before his sweet tooth gets the better of him and he starts eating away at the candy ropes! You can see the licorice ropes on Nate’s right start to snap even prior to his attack on the other side, so while licorice can hold a human, you will definitely need to add more ropes depending on your body weight and appetite.

candy rope

Nate and Cali try making another pair of licorice ropes, this time using braided licorice instead of bunched up strands. After discovering a single, long piece of braided licorice starts to break at the knots, they have decided to make a hundred of these time-consuming licorice ropes.

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