Although wood is a considerably easy material to work with, replicating designs by hand can be difficult unless you have years of experience and a penchant for crafty jigs.

Inspired by key duplicators that are common in any hardware store, the Clone 3D is a professional grade copy carver/pantograph that allows existing objects to rotate along an axis while being replicated into a new piece of material using rotating clamps – such as guitar bodies, gun stocks and propellors. The result is a sort of hybrid between a copy machine, a router and a lathe for guitar bodies, gun stocks, propellors, furniture parts and other finely carved wood objects.

Says the UK company:

Guitar Body Duplicator, Propeller Duplicator, Gun Stock Duplicator…Whatever it is you want to copy – Clone has a duplicator to suit your needs and budget.

Guitar out frame

According to Clone, the Clone Router (which starts at $3,000) includes an adjustable router head, an adjustable stylus clamp, heavy duty bearings & rails, a dual ‘anti-kick-back’ braking system, a ‘quick release’ counterbalance weight adjustment and is constructed from high-quality aluminum – as seen in this video demonstration of a gun stock duplicate being made:

YouTube video

In the age of near-constant digital fabrication, it’s always refreshing to see simple machines like this stand the test of time. Find out more over at Clone.


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