I know star-shaped owls can be a bit nightmarish, especially the rabid ones with three eyes and wolf fangs, but this one is guaranteed not to carry you or your babies off in the night. Grant Miller of FigureBang is a toy makin’, 3D printin’ He-man fan from San Francisco, California and he’s in the midst of a funding his 3D printed Stelliform Owl Project on Kickstarter. He filled us in on why he’s doing it and a little bit of the design process.

3D Printed Stelliform Owl

What was the inspiration for the Stelliform Owl?
Battle Cat and Panthor came to me in a dream and told me to make the owl sculpt (I wish!) Seriously though, the inspiration was to make a “Bubo” type sculpture with my own style. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be making a flying mechanical owl, I decided to create it with the idea in mind that the owl would be illuminated from within and cast light through the cutouts. I kinda figured that the surface of the owl might also allow some light to shine through, but had no idea that it would cause the whole thing to glow like it does! In a normally lit room you can see the light shine through nicely but in low light, or at night, that sucker is brilliant!

What software and 3D Print materials do you use?
I mostly use Lightwave 3D, and sometimes Zbrush for other details. The material it’s printed in is a type of nylon called “Nylon 12”. It’s strong, flexible, and has good heat resistance.They are 3D printed by Shapeways using Select Laser Sintering (laser fuses the powdered material). The surface of all the owls get polished so they have a nice “velvety smooth” feel.

You can get in on the Kickstarter action here. Super cool Grant. Good luck getting your project funded and if you get a chance you’ll have to create Stelliform Castle Grayskull.


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