As the number of 3D printers purchased each week increases exponentially, many proud new owners of a 3D printer are also learning the limitations of their new device. Chances are, an entire weekend may have been spent calibrating your printer or waiting for that very first test print. But what about the other limitations of your material? Recently posted on Kickstarter, the 3D Printer Test kit offers eight unique sample chip files that allows a user to test everything from ridges to flexibility to overhangs so you’ll know exactly where the limitations and strengths are for your 3D printer…whether it’s a Replicator 2 or a Fortus.

For Pros and Consumers

With the rise of consumer-level personal manufacturing, there will oftentimes be a disconnect between the understanding of material properties and expectations for a final product. As professional toy developers, the designers at 3DKitBash have no doubt done their homework and deciphered an affordable and accurate method for teaching both professionals and consumers how far they can stretch their 3D prints.

We want to help Makers, Inventors, and 3D Explorers do their thing Better & Faster. It’s a passion of ours and one that keeps us constantly on the move.


The kit consists of 8 ‘Tolerance Chips’ that each highlight a unique material characteristic to see how your 3D printer performs with various shapes and forms. While your 3D printer and material may excel in one characteristic, it may not do so hot in another, which can ultimately save you a lot of time and money down the road.

The Tests:








The 3D Printer Test Kit Starts at $30 on Kickstarter.


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