With 2020 the way it is, celebrating Christmas might be a bit lonely for some. Maybe you’ve been cooped up “two weeks” already. Maybe you’ve thrown off the restraints of government tyranny. Either way, everyone needs a good hug. You can’t do much about social distancing and the rampant virtue signaling, but you can do the next best thing and get yourself a hug. A hand hug that is. By which I mean, a mug… with a sleeve… to stick your cold little nubs in:

Tama Hand Warming Mug

As you can see, Tama isn’t a hugging machine, per say (I’m pretty sure you can find one of those on eBay), but it’s the next best thing: a hand warming mug which spreads the warmth of your hot drink throughout your hands – and not in a painful, Home Alone-y kind of way.

Created by Italian design company Ozio, the mug itself is made from heat-conducting ceramic – ya know, like a regular mug. Once the heat has passed from your drink to the mug, a boiled wool lining spreads the heat gently/aggressively throughout the covering, thereby letting you hold your drink warmly in your hands without getting burned. Sounds like a peaceful Christmas morning breakfast all alone doesn’t it?

Tama Hand Warming Mug
Cold fingers? I don’t think so.

To mimic the feeling of someone warm holding your cold, clammy hands, just tuck your digits inside the red elastic band. The band features the same wool lining as the rest of the cover, which lets you get a good grip on your coffee/hot chocolate/tea without spilling it.

The Tama is sized to fit most mugs but if it doesn’t fit your oversize coffee-pot of a mug, don’t worry, you can still hold it like normal with your icy palms.

Tama Hand Warming Mug

As it stands out of the box however, the Tama mug definitely keeps in line with Ozio’s design philosophy, which is to make products that make idle time more enjoyable. If you would like the warm feeling you get drinking from your morning coffee to be a little more… physical, you can find more details on this wintery mug (and buy one for yourself) over on the Ozio webpage.