According to San Diego surfboard shaper Josh Oldenburg, the most critical challenge of being a local shaper in an international surfboard manufacturing mecca is the level of competition and design standards that go into each and every board. Needless to say, just to be considered a shaper alongside names like Rusty, Chris Christenson, and Jeff Mccallum is both humbling and rewarding.

To stay on top of his game, Oldenburg relies heavily on custom referral requests for specific customers to create custom tailored solutions based on individual riding styles – a process that has helped him further define his own style and find an identity in a saturated market.

Says Oldenburg:

“My (surfboard) designs are unique because boards from the past largely inspire me. Being able to transform those inspirations into modern designs gives me a sense of freedom to incorporate new takes on old creations.”

In this video released yesterday, Oldenburg gives us a glimpse behind his build philosophy and how he keeps his craft feeling fresh and energized with each new project:

Find out more over at Josh Oldenburg.


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