When you think of doctors, three things usually come to mind: white coats, stethoscopes, and the exorbitant fees you have to pay after visiting them.

While we can’t do much about the first to third stuff mentioned (at least until fashion industry makes lab coats trendy and healthcare becomes more affordable), it is far easier to update the technologies of their stethoscopes for the modern age. This led to the birth of the Stemoscope Pro.


The Stemoscope Pro is the second iteration of a wireless stethoscope with three audio modes, noise-canceling tech, and a pretty sleek design. While the first Stemoscope was successfully funded back in early 2019 and saw a lot of use by medical professionals, this updated version is set to offer greater benefits in this fast-changing world.

Three Wireless Modes for Hands-Free Use

A wireless stethoscope comes with boatloads of advantages, the most important of which is by allowing you to maintain a safe social distance from your patients.

stemoscope pro

Using Wireless Mode I, you can pair the Stemoscope Pro to your Bluetooth-enabled hearing devices without the need for a smartphone. All you need is to slide the onboard button to the left, pair the Stemoscope Pro to your earphones, and voilà: you now have a makeshift ready-to-go stethoscope.

stemoscope pro

Wireless Mode II lets you connect the Stemoscope Pro to one of three apps. You have the Stemoscope App which is for STEM education and general use; the PetStemo App which is made especially for checking on your pets’ health; and the DrStemo App – a smart application helping to provide medical diagnoses to patients.

To make things more accessible to doctors (who I’m sure will make up the vast majority of Stemoscope Pro users), the app also has three listening modes: a Bell Mode for low-pitch heartbeats, a Diaphragm mode for lung sounds, and an Extended Mode which widens the device’s range and includes all sounds from 20-2,000 Hz.

The app also helps visualize what you’re hearing through the Stemoscope Pro. It shows which part of the body you’re checking out and provides a waveform and spectrogram of the audio feedback from the device. You can even record the audio and easily share it on social media!

stemoscope pro

In case you expected more of a Bluetooth-enabled device, Wireless Mode III turns your Stemoscope Pro into a bonafide microphone that can be connected to any of your smart devices. You can then put this little circle near your mouth (after disinfecting it, of course) and join in on Skype or Zoom calls.

Noise-canceling and Waterproof

stemoscope pro

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a stethoscope if you could hear all the unnecessary background noise around you. That is why Stemoscope Pro offers you a built-in noise-canceling tech that drowns out all the unwanted noise. Furthermore, it amplifies the sounds of heartbeats and breaths of patients to help you get better and more exact results.

Also, you could simply wipe the Stemoscope Pro down with alcohol after use. It is also worth mentioning that the waterproof nature allows you to dunk the entire thing in a vat of water or alcohol without getting destroyed.

That Sleek Design!

stemoscope pro

The Stemoscope Pro looks way sleeker and is made of better materials than its conventional stethoscope counterparts. While the first version was made from a plastic-covered, chrome-plated zinc alloy, the Pro is composed of a stainless steel body and a glass cover.

It measures 42 mm in diameter and 14 mm in height and lightweight at 60 g. You can use it wirelessly for up to 2 meters, which is pretty impressive for a teeny-tiny functional device.

The Stemoscope Pro is currently live on Indiegogo and has a funding of USD $78,195 – way more than its intended USD $3,000 goal.


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