Have you been crinkling your nose in the mirror, wondering about all the hullabaloo over Staples getting into the 3D printing scene? Well, with MCor Technologies as their partner, they just opened their local service in Europe, introducing “that was easy” to the hoards ready to get their 3D printing fix whilst picking up some notepads and paperclips. With it, they’ve launched a new site. You can get up to speed at Staples My Easy 3D, browsing, uploading and printing various 3D items. CG Trader is teaming up with Staples this month to celebrate the launch and provide another opportunity for CG artists to extend their reach into 3D printing. It’s the Staples 3D Printing Challenge. Here are the details…

Paperwork goes 3D

Staples has opened up more than a service to print off 3D geometry. They’re getting right into the 3D print platform space with a site that allows you to showcase your own products in your own shop, going right up against other competitors in the market like Shapeways and Sculpteo. They also offer full-color 3D printing using the MCor Iris paper-based printers. Another option to showcase your work with additional print material options? We’ll take it.

The Staples 3D Printing challenge involves the enjoyable task of creating printable 3D models prepared for Mcor printer and uploading them to CGTrader.com. Staples is offering a 1000 EUR Grand Prize for the winner and Promotional Designer’s Subscription to all three winning designers, plus each gets their models showcased on Staples website and, most likely, at their local stores.

How to Submit your 3D Print
The creators of the best 3D printable models wins the prize. The main stipulation is that it has to be designed in a way to be printed on an MCor full-color 3D printer. It’s not as difficult as you may imagine though. You can read up on how to design a model for MCor Iris 3D printing here. You have until October 21st to upload you model. If you are submitting a model or have a submission on CGTrader, please share with us!

Winner –  1000 EUR in cash and a 12 months free Designer subscription (valued at 900 EUR) at Staples MyEasy3D store and CGTrader’s T-shirt.
1st runner-up –  6-month free Designer subscription (valued at 450 EUR) at Staples MyEasy3D store and CGTrader’s T-shirt.
2nd runner up –  3-month free Designer subscription (valued at 225 EUR) at Staples MyEasy3D store and CGTrader’s T-shirt.


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