Three words for ya. Camping. Is. Fun. Besides the heat, the cold, the rain, the wasps, ticks, poison ivy, and animals that would devour you given the chance, it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll have. Prepping and lugging the necessities into the great outdoors can present some other challenges. Did you remember your sleeping bag and headlamp? Tent and toiletries? Clothes and food?

Speaking of food: while you can get by on trail mix and 5-year old Spam, nothing beats cooking your own meals. The problem? More stuff to pack in your bag. But you can start whittling weight and extras down with some smart design.

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True to its name, THE SPLITTER is a multi-function utensil that is a spatula and a long ol’ spork. When combined using a stainless steel clip-pin, it’s like the VOLTRON of camping gear–the two form a pair of tongs. If you’ve ever camped, you know how this 3-in-1 tool could help make cooking outdoors more convenient and less laborious.

Created by outdoor accessory company Full Windsor, it’s a 50-gram utensil made from stainless 1-mm sheet Titanium with a number of spatula, spork, and tongs features which cater to spatula, spork, and tongs aficionados.

Splitter outdoor utensilThe spatula has a chamfered edge to make scraping food easier. On the side, its serrated edge doubles as a knife to help with cutting meat or amputating your arm in case you get it wedged between a bear and a boulder.

The spork, on the other hand, is longer than the one you get with that cup-o-noodles (10 inches long, to be exact) and can reach into most food packs. It also has a volume of 1 Tbsp and those iconic fork edges (which everyone still wonders how to use).Splitter outdoor utensil

Held together by an integrated stainless steel pin, the two utensils combine into a set of flexible tongs which allow you to pick up food after dropping it on the earthy floor. You’ll also be glad to know the spatula edge and the sporky grip can still be used when in tong form.

Splitter outdoor utensilSince THE SPLITTER is made of Titanium, it’s less conductive than other metals, making it 15.8% less likely you’ll cuss up a storm in front of your family when cooking those brats. It is also recyclable, so don’t worry about those trees, horny toads, and militant environmentalists trying to shame you.

A lot of people seem to love the idea of having a compact cooking utensil because the Splitter overshot its initial $15,000 Kickstarter goal by over 10 times with a final funding of $164,713. You can find out more and snag one on THE SPLITTER Kickstarter page.


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