After taking a look at their product design collection, it becomes clear that Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves of UK-based Studio Swine are just as interested in designing their own manufacturing processes as they are with the final product design results. Among other projects that the design team have worked on include furniture that is fabricated on the beach out of plastic waste and and a collection of stools made out of melted aluminum cans on-location in the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

For their most recent project, Meteorite Shoes, Murakami and Groves took their fascination with manufacturing methodologies up to an interstellar level by incorporating meteorite scans into a shoe design that, while rough in appearance on the exterior, provide a smooth interior molded around a traditional foot last.

Created under a sponsorship by Microsoft to demonstrate the capabilities of designing products on the Surface Pro 3, the team started their project by diving into the meteorite archives at London’s Natural History Museum – which is considered to be the most extensive public collection of meteorites in the world.


Using a 3D scanner, the pair created 3D models of meteorite samples and combined the resulting files with traditional shoemaking techniques to remove internal material for creating a wearable high heel shoe using a CNC mill.

The exterior is made from lightweight aluminum foam – produced by blasting air into the molten metal – which is 90% air and traditionally used for high-end cars and sound insulation. While the material looks heavy, it’s lightweight properties actually allow it to float on water. Combined with soft Italian leather for the interior, the otherwise heavy-looking shoe is actually soft, comfortable and lightweight.

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