Cleaning pet waste outdoors is really a strenuous task. Not only do you have to pick up your pet’s business, but you have to carry it around like a bomb until you find a trash can. Pooper scoopers and dustpans do a horrible job of making the task easy and portable. And who wants to bring them to a park while enjoying a walk with your pet anyway? We’re sure no one would fancy that. So, what’s the best choice do hoomans have? Pupsule is the answer.

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Pupsule is a capsule-sized carrying device you can use to clean up after your pet. Just twist the capsule open to wrap a bag around the 6-claw grabber and pull the handle on the other side to open and close the claws. The mechanism will handle the waste with great precision and will save you from the awkward moments of picking up waste with your hands.


Once you’re done picking up the doo-doo, just close the Pupsule until you can dispose of the waste properly. The casing is made from ABS and PP plastic materials which keep the smell from seeping out. It’s also shock-proof, so it will certainly protect and contain the content like a piece of a priceless gem.


The Pupsule comes with its own built-in bag dispenser, so you never have to bring any extra bags with you. Just fill up the bag compartment located in the middle and pull out a new bag once the old one has been used. All you have to do is wrap it around the claws and it’s ready to pick up all kinds of nasty pet poo!

Ten rolls of biodegradable and compostable bags are provided when you buy a Pupsule. Each roll is composed of 20 bags and that makes a total of 200 bags for you. You’ll have to buy the succeeding bags yourself, but it’s great that the creators will provide plenty of bags upon your first purchase.


It even comes in different sizes! Depending on the size of your pet, you might want to go for either a small or large Pupsule. The small Pupsule is 3″ wide and 8.5″ high (7.5 x 21.6 cm), while the large Pupsule measures 3.3″ by 9.6″ (8.5 x 24.5 cm).


Pupsule is meant to be a stylish capsule that you can “wear”, but I think there is no way people would want pet waste anywhere near their bodies. Even though the plastic keeps the smell at bay, the fact that the only thing between you and your pet’s business is a thin wall of material makes wearing the capsule a little bit undesirable. Nonetheless, let’s admit that it is much better than carrying around a transparent plastic containing putrid stuff.

This handy poop grabber has already captured the attention of many on Kickstarter, and will soon be ready to make a name in the market. Pupsule currently has a funding of US$27,853, which is way more than the US$8,000 they initially asked for. You can check the Kickstarter page for more info and get in on the early bird prices!


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