For those Fablabs, Design Studios and active hobbyists, filament buying becomes a part of the rite of being there. Instead of having to rely on timing orders right or hitting up the hobby shop to make sure you have enough filament and tools, there’s Protocrate. Described as a “part-Filament of the Month club, part-DIY project kit”, you pay $49.99 for a monthly delivery of filament, tools and other accessories. Every month Protocrate curates their package to meet a certain theme – for example, February carries a ‘Retro’ theme.

Considering that good filament costs about $50 thereabouts, getting a little more on top isn’t such a bad idea. They describe a typical package to carry quite a bit, including “One Spool of PLA filament, Sample Color Chip, 3D Printed model, Mini-Poster, Featured things to print for your new filament, and Project Supplies & Tools (Calipers, paint, LED, emery boards, etc)” They’ve partnered up with many of the big names in Filaments, such as NinjaFlex, Colorfabb, Formfutura, Makerbot, Polymakr and Protopasta. I love their dedication to quality and comedy, stating in their FAQ that each filament will be rigorously tested. 


“Each box includes a new printed 3D model (and matching poster) made from the very same material we’re sending you, so you’ll know we’ll be in the trenches extruding together. (NO NOZZLE LEFT BEHIND.)”


Are goody boxes the best thing to have? The cost doesn’t hurt and with hundreds of thousands of users with 3D Printers, filament is always a good thing to have. The tools don’t hurt – we are all forever losing calipers and need to replace them.


February’s shipment deadline has already passed, but March is only around the corner – sign up here!