Founded by three former Mercedes engineers in 1967, AMG was created as a way for Mercedes-Benz to experiment with new technologies in the automotive racing world before passing those technologies down the line to consumer automobiles.

Regardless if you’re a fan of Mercedes-Benz or not, it’s hard to not appreciate the level of detailed engineering that goes into their high-performance engines. But along with other precision-engineered objects, a lot of what the final product comes down to is not just how well the parts are designed…but how well the components are assembled.

At their Affalterbach, Germany manufacturing plant, the AMG team has established a unique “one man, one engine” motto that is applied to each and every engine that comes off of their line.

“The powerful AMG engines are built according to the “one man, one engine” principle — i.e. each engine is produced by one assembly worker. The brand’s focus is on driving performance results in innovations that can be directly experienced in every high-performance AMG vehicle.”

From the time the first block is laid down, the entire process of assembling an engine is left to a single ‘craftsman’ on the assembly line…which is described by AMG engineer Alexander Weber as “like a big supermarket”.

Each of the 140 technicians on site are responsible for signing their engine upon completion…a unique addition that helps bridge the divide between artisanal craft and mass manufacturing.

Cool Hunting recently had the chance to tour their factory and give us a more in-depth look at their engine assembly process:

Mercedes-AMG also released a virtual tour of their entire German facility a couple of years ago:











In an age where the quality of artisanal craft is being favored over more typical mass manufactured products, it’s inspiring to see a company straddling both effectively.


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