Back in the summer of 2016, MillRight CNC burst onto the scene with their surprisingly affordable M3 desktop CNC machine ($299 for the kit)–a barebones setup which featured an MDF frame, NEMA 17 stepper motors, a modest 10.25″ x 10.25″ (260mm x 260mm) work area and powered by an Arduino Uno control board. Consequently, the company has upped their game for this year by introducing their newest desktop CNC machine, the Carve King, a kit that boasts several new upgrades over the previous M3.

MillRight Carve King Desktop CNC

Most notably, the kit is equipped with laser cut, anodized 1/4″ 6061 aluminum bearing plates, making it more robust in terms of stability as well as lead screws on all axis instead of belts for X/Y axis and while you’ll get increased precision, it will run slower on the rapids. They’ve also included an Arduino Uno pre-loaded with Grbl control firmware, so it’s ready to go straight out of the gate.

Carve King CNC Specs

The complete spec’s for the Carve King are as follows:

  • Work area: Approximately 17”×17”×4” (432mm x 432mm x 102mm)
  • Laser cut, anodized 1/4″ 6061 aluminum bearing plates
  • Trapezoidal lead screws with anti-backlash nuts on every axis
  • V Slot rails with rugged polycarbonate V wheels and double shielded bearings
  • CNC routed, double-refined 3/4″ MDF frame
  • High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors with dual drive on the Y-axis
  • T-Track extrusions in bed for superior clamping options
  • Drag chains for wire management
  • Uno USB controller board preloaded with Grbl control firmware
  • Stepper driver shield and DRV8825 drivers
  • 24V Volt, 120-Watt power supply
  • Laser cut acrylic electronics enclosure with cooling fan
  • Basic work clamps (included)

So, like the M3, MillRight offers several extras at additional costs, including a DeWalt DWP611 router for $135, a router mount for $35 and 400W spindle kit for $125, which adds to the Carve King’s base price of $699. Finally, while the Carve King was released only a short time ago, the company has a ‘monster’ machine, the full metal, precision Power Route Kit, available for pre-order at $2,649.

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millright desktop cnc

millright desktop cnc

millright desktop cnc


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