Norwegian software developers Uformia have developed “a volume-based modeling extension for the creation of both organic and mechanical objects that are always watertight and ideal for 3D printing” and have 3 days left to Kickstart. Is it worth adding to your toolbox?

The Purpose

For those with an appetite for constantly spitting out 3D prints, the prepping process can oftentimes be a labor-intensive exercise in self-discipline and patience. While there are already certain aides on the market to help streamline the process, none have as large of a toolbox as MeshUp provides.

Despite preventative measures taken during the modeling process, complex objects oftentimes don’t translate to the real world as intended. Meshup allows designers to fabricate directly without the multistage patch and repair process. When an object is imported into Meshup, it is presented in true 3D volume, due to the software’s ability to reduce the object into a mathematical function.

Perhaps the best part of their Kickstart campaign is their willingness to provide an ‘ID Software Model’ in which older versions become open source as newer versions hit the market. Previously a Rhino Plugin, Uniforma is attempting to liberate the Plugin into it’s own standalone app with this particular Kickstarter campaign.


Mesh Mixing

Create new objects by remixing any number of meshes and parts of meshes, or combining meshes with native Meshup models, without having to worry about vertices and polygons.

Shelling and Microstructure

Make a one or two-sided shell volume, then combine it with microstructures to create a structurally sound, lightweight object for 3D print. Additionally, this means that you can convert any mesh into a volume even if it doesn’t necessarily represent a solid object.

STL and Mesh Repair

Repair holes and model defects either for 3D printing or as an easier way to convert a mesh into a volume object. The repair process can either be with flat surfaces or by utilizing a putty-like smoothing feature.

Direct Fabrication and 3D Printing

Output watertight STL files or take advantage of direct manufacturing by using use vector or image slice data at the resolution of the 3D printer.

If you’re interested, be sure to support Uniforma as they attempt to make lives easier for up-and-coming Makers and seasoned pros alike–they’re just a few orders short of meeting their goal!

via Meshup on Kickstarter


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