Every so often, a ‘making of’ video comes along that stands out amongst the pack with wit and charm. In most cases, the videographer went beyond the slow-motion “sparks-flying, sweat-dripping” scenes of workshop fabrication to bring some more narrative into the context.

Or, they bring in a a puppet to make things more interesting.

The latest video from fashion and lifestyle blog Hypebeast goes beyond the surface of the latest Native Apollo Moc shoe and brings to life the process in which they were created.

Unlike other behind-the-scenes videos however, they have chosen “All-World Swag Champ, Originator of Trill and CEO of Cozy Boys LLC” Benjamin B. Troll(ins) to be the tour guide.

The sub-5:00 blends the basics of shoe concept design, prototyping and production into one seamless storyline with insights from each leader of the process:

YouTube video

“Breaking it down into the concept with Mark Gainor, Benjamin Troll hits the pavement to get some real-life working insights from some of the industry’s favorite and accomplished designers including Kyle Ng, Kevin Poon, Greg Lucci and Anwar Carrots. Along the way the process touches upon how to prototype footwear through a storied Californian footwear maker before making moves across the ocean into China to meet with a factory owner to finally bring their concept into a working reality.”

You can check out more about the Apollo Moc over at Native.


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