There’s one thing cheese balls are good for – pelting your friends and family. I guess you could eat them, but that just seems like a complete waste. Ben, aka NightHawkInLight, creates amazing vidoes of DIY science and awesome.

My kids and I enjoyed his tornado machine and the brilliant sci-fi propane pop gun inspired from an Instructable by Eric Rocher.

However, nothing combines food and ballistics quite like his Cheese Ball Machine Gun, and since it only fires delicious balls of puffed cheese, there’s likely no chance it will lobbied against by anti-gun groups. BAA-ZIIING!!

Mom, can I have cheese ball machine gun for Christmas? “You’ll shoot your eye out! And besides, MAMA’S ALREADY GETTING ONE FOR HERSELF.” *sniffle*


Ben, demonstrates a simple build using the following generally available items:

The constriction is simple. Build the barrel with the PVC pipe and tee, including a short section on one side of the tee to attach the leaf blower. Cut a hole in the cheese ball hopper to attach, while adding the wood block for extra support.

With air blowing through the pipe, how do you get the cheese ball to feed down into the barrel? As Ben points out, by employing a simple fluid dynamics principle. By building a small ramp before the section where the cheese ball falls down, you’ll create a vacuum pulling the cheese ball down into the barrel before it’s propelled out the end to enjoy its fate – a rock, a windshield, your face, etc.



A big cheese powder hand high-five to Jude Pullen for sending this in and changing our lives FOR THE BETTER. Check out more videos from Mr. Ben on his fabulous Youtube channel.

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