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For those of you without access to a fully-stocked workshop (myself included at the moment), we’ll take whatever we can get our hands on that is portable and is capable of scratching that wood working itch.

Self-described ‘YouTube-r, woodworker and piano technician’ Jack Houweling of Vancouver-based Jack’s Pianos has a hefty library of wood working tutorial projects ranging from the small (toy cars) to the large (workbenches).

In his latest project video, Jack gives us the rundown on how to create a project that keeps on giving using nothing but an old power drill and a hand basket worth of cheap supplies from the hardware store.

Now we finally have a use for all those foam scraps we just can’t seem to get rid of!

How to Make a Mini Lathe

YouTube video

“I started out building anything I could find the materials for as a boy and teen. As I got older I began to make tools and innovations that could be used for my piano business. Since pianos are about 85% wood I have been fortunate enough to combine my hobby with my job.”

-Jack Houweling











Check out more of Jack’s projects at Jax Design.


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