Most desk jobs nowadays involve staying indoors in front of a computer screen. While this is fine for introverts and shut-ins, it doesn’t bode well for those who long for the great outdoors. So why not bring a small and manageable piece to your workspace?

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Magnapot is a series of modular ceramic pots which you can use to spruce up the insides of your home. With the neodymium magnetic tips found on each pot’s side, you can add more pots to your ever-growing garden with zero effort.

Each Magnapot measures 5.25 inches long, 4 inches wide, and has a height of 3 inches. They also weigh 1 pound each; indeed, they are quite heavy for something you’re supposed to snap together like pieces of LEGO.


Unlike other small pots, Magnapots are wick-integrated. The Magnapot nourishes your plant without any help from you as long as the wick touches the water;  nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you still need to manually change the water!

Magnapots can hold all sorts of small plants, from the tiny bonsai tree to my personal and low-maintenance favorite: the cactus.


Apart from serving as a potted plant holder, the Magnapot can also hold your office supplies and knickknacks. You can dump your pencils, paints, pens, and many other small objects that start with the letter ‘P’.

As for another P, painting, you can actually use the water-containing properties of the Magnapot to mix your watercolor paints. You can easily moisten your brush with a set of Magnapots near your canvas, as long as you’re ready to clean up some mess afterward.


With different pots having different magnet configurations, you can be creative with the Magnapots in any way you want. The standard Magnapot box comes with four spherical pots: 2 with four tipped magnets and 2 with two tipped magnets. They aren’t still that distinctive from each other, but the creators are working on making new designs that will liven up your Magnapot collection.

Magnapot is currently live on Kickstarter and is backed by a ton of plant lovers. Currently, it has a funding of US$11,685 – almost double its initial US$5,000 goal. Well, I guess people have been cooped up so long that they want a piece of the outdoors with them in their homes!


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