We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Simplify3D, a complete software package for slicing 3D models for printing. With features like simulated slicing (to see where printing might be a problem), Mesh-repair, oodles of pre-configured settings for different machines, tutorials and a very active community, hobbyists and prosumers can count on Simplify3D for an easier 3D Printing experience.

The software rolls in at $150 for the entire package, but from what we’ve been hearing, this is a superb product for the price. In over two years, the developers have built a fairly impressive set of features – take a look at the Changelog alone.

Other features include variable density supports, stronger ‘thick’ infill and my favorite, Thin Wall Intelligent Fill. One interesting feature that hasn’t been seen elsewhere is the ability to remove support structures and move them around, which makes all of the difference considering how ‘dumb’ support generation algorithms can be. Makerware, I’m looking at you.

Additionally, the tutorials are endless and cover every element of 3D Printing to help anyone, at any level, learn to 3D print perfectly.

Perhaps the biggest test for any new software or utility is whether or not users choose to share their projects and perspectives online. As for Simplify3D, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage:

Simplify3D vs MakerBot Desktop by Nick Lievendag – I’ve been using Simplify3D intensively on a daily basis while Reviewing the Creatr, CyrusZYYX and like it a lot. It’s fast and intuitive and well worth the money. I missed a few options in the software, including a way to display speeds in mm/s instead of mm/min, but the S3D Team has just released version 2.2 of the software that adds this and a lot of other useful features for creating nicer walls, more efficient support structures and better dual extrusion prints

YouTube video

Fabbaloo – Hands on with Simplify3d

Unlike most 3D printer slicing software, Simplify3D is not free. They’re charging USD$140, which might seem like a lot, but on the other hand, it is really multiple tools in one. We’ve tried it and we like it. It actually simplifies your workflow by reducing the number of tools you’ll need to prepare and print your 3D models – as well as printing them in better quality. 

If you can afford it, everyone should have Simplify3D. 

3D Printing Industry – How Simplify3D Simplified the Life of Top Notch Illustrator Don Foley

With Simplify3D software, Don is able to fill the entire build plate with parts. He reported that he no longer needs to use rafts and is more confident that the complex multiple parts will print successfully even without supervision. He also has more control over the precision quality and detail he needs.

Check out more over at Simplify3D.