Having been in existence since the 1st century AD, there is nothing necessarily revolutionary about mold-blowing –– an alternate form of the glassblowing method that came shortly after free–blowing. However, designer Fabio Vogel just might have brought one of the more refreshing updates to the glass manufacturing method that we’ve seen in quite a long time.

For his new collection ‘105 ltr Formen’, Vogel implemented mold-blowing mold patterns made from fireproof textiles to both shape and impact the improvised final result. The finished objects not only carry distinctive organic shapes that are unique from one to the next but also feature a worn fabric pattern left behind that brings a raw, woven contrast to an otherwise pristine and polished material.

Says Vogel:

“The idea of creating objects out of fabric covers, shows, what is possible if you combine handcrafts with new technology. The base of this work has always been the experimental approach. The subject of the project was to create something new, using the power of the element fire as a designer – with all its destroying but also creative strength. The work does not only show the development of new production technologies but also points out another important aspect of successful innovation processes: allowing blurs.”



Be sure to check out the rest of Vogel’s impressive work over at his website.


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