With all the news and headlines regarding 3D printing these days, it’s a topic of conversation that’s bound to come up during at least a few family gatherings as the holidays approach us. Being the design and engineering-saavy individual that you are, you will probably be the one expected to do the explaining…or you could print out one of these nifty infographics.

How Do You Explain 3D Printing?

While most of us (if not all of us) in the design and engineering realm have absolutely no problem throwing around conversations regarding print resolution, materials, startups, and capabilities of 3D printers, there is still a population out there that still struggles to plug in their 2D printer. Chances are you may be running into one of these types during your Thanksgiving or other holiday events coming up. With the topic of 3D printing making it to the pages of USA Today, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other mainstream publications, there is a larger possibility than ever that the topic will come up in conversation somehow. So how do you prepare yourself to have a good one-on-one with your spouse’s family or other relatives without sounding too technical? In the case that you find yourself having too much egg nog, refer to these handy guides for explaining 3D printing to those who deserve to know the future of manufacturing:

“So How Does 3D Printing Work?”

“What Does the Future Look Like for 3D Printing?”


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