Keymacs is a small, family-based company that specializes in making hand-crafted keyboard kits. While their production isn’t quite as automated or streamlined as industry giants like Razer or Logitech, the fact that they put so much effort into their made-to-order keyboards gives them an edge unlike any other.

The video below delves into the three-day processes the company employs in making its unique keycaps:

YouTube video

Needless to say, their keycap crafting process is quite unique. They are even using actual LEGO bricks as makeshift resin mold!

In one of the main processes, a set of LEGO molds is just snapped together to create rubber-like molds which will then be used to make the first keycap mold. (talk about mold-ception!)

keymacs keycap making

Once completed, the keycap mold is shaped by a machine before going back for another round of LEGO mold casting. This time, four molds are used to create the pieces which will allow the keycap to connect to the keyboard.

keymacs keycap making

It’s a little different this time, as they use a number of tiny wooden pegs and a pin to create the tiny holes in the keycap. The molds are then bound together with rubber bands before being injected with polyurethane.

keymacs keycap making

By now the keycap is almost finished. All it needs now is a little more machining and a quick injection of black polyurethane to give it that clean finish.

keymacs keycap making

And there you have it: custom-made keycaps which fit your keyboard kit. To save on time, Keymacs makes a number of these keycaps at a single time. While they don’t exactly fill out the machining trays, they try to get as many keys made as possible. It sure saves them from having to constantly assemble and disassemble those LEGO molds, after all!


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