When one considers what to do with $15,000 cash money, purchasing a single skateboard is probably not very high on the list…unless said skateboard is made from gold of course.

NYC artist Matt Willet met up with his father–a professional gold plater—for a father/son bonding session at Brooklyn-based Epner Technology to create what is surely one of the most expensive ways of kick-flipping and pop-shoving it around your local skate park.

Don’t Forget the Gold Band-Aids


While Epner Technology is primarily known for creating gold plated components for NASA, one could only wonder what sort of stuff they’ve thought of doing in their free time (gold plated Twinkies?).

YouTube video

Done in collaboration with SHUT Skateboards, Willet’s final product is 99.9% pure electro plated gold and ready for tearing up the streets (just make sure you wax those curbs extra-well to avoid scratching the deck).





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