As one of the most heavily produced and discarded materials in the world, it’s a dang good thing that paper is also so good at being reused, too.

While it’s fairly common for discarded paper to be recycled into yet more reams of paper, New Zealand designer Woojai Lee just might have one of the best applications for recycled paper yet in the form of PaperBricks.

Having started out as an exploration into how recycled paper can be used in nontraditional applications, PaperBricks provides an end—of—life solution for when the quality of recycled paper downgrades due to the individual fibers growing smaller with each cycle. The result is a compressed and weighty brick made from the simple recipe of discarded newspapers and wood glue.



More recently, Lee demonstrated the use of the PaperBricks in his PaperBricks Pallet series to show how the bricks could be used constructively:




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