If you’ve been hanging around the SolidSmack block for awhile, chances are your hands are sticky from drinking too much root beer and your stomach hurts from eating too many cheese balls. You’ve also likely come across one of our favorite YouTube channels Frank Makes.

Created by retired architect and master woodworker Frank Howarth, the channel features dozens of well-made videos that documents Frank’s process in his incredible Portland, Oregon-based wood shop.

What makes Frank’s videos unique is that his interest and skill in videography runs parallel with his impressive abilities as a wood craftsman. When the two skills clash, viewers are left with a series of incredibly entertaining process videos that include everything from stop-motion and sound effects to immersive camera shots and CAD drawings.

While Frank releases new videos almost weekly, his latest video that documents his process of creating a wood grinder stand a couple weeks ago is one of our more recent favorites:

YouTube video

“I have made a stand for my grinder that I use for sharpening my wood turning tools. The stand is a plywood box with shelves on the inside. On the top, the grinder sits on an old growth fir cap that is flush with the box. Two bolts hold the wood cap and grinder to the plywood box. On the front is a door to access the shelves inside of the box. In the bottom of the box is a space I have filled with drain rock to give weight to the bottom of the stand.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Frank’s videos over at Frank Makes on YouTube.


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