Porches. Porches are ridiculous without a good place to sit. If you don’t want to tear your porch down, you could toss some tree stumps up there, but if you have the slightest bit of woodworking skill, you could build yourself a bench. Chris Salomone of Foureyes Furniture has skill a’plenty, and has been busy publishing a woodworking project series on YouTube, that is absolutely, a must subscribe.

He kicked off the series with a great build for a Modern Wood Bench. Like many woodworkers, Chris’ inspiration began from a chunk of wood found in a dumpster. He brought the wood home, cleaned it up and made the first iteration of his bench. It’s didn’t look sturdy enough to hold much weight beyond that of an imaginary plants. He ended up using it at his office for a place to sit his bags. After someone tried to sit on it, he decided a redesign was in order. He liked the look and simplicity of the original and incorporated it into a new design that holds both the aesthetics and functionality of a modern bench.

YouTube video

Chris chose cherry for the new bench–don’t you love the way cherry looks and smells, especially when it’s freshly cut, not to mention it holds up really well in weather when sealed properly. He joined and planed the top pieces to fit together tight. The four legs were angled just so at 150 degrees off 90, cut on a miter saw–This angled look is so vintage, I must say. Since he used one piece of wood to fashion two legs, he cut each in half using a band saw–Unconventional sure, but you use the tools that you have. All legs were then sent through the planner in order to match the floor-sides together and prevent wobbling–stable makes it able, as they say.

Dado joints were used so everything fit together tight adding to its beautiful, iconic build with the absence of nails and screws. The end product looks fabulous, better than the first iteration, with its classic, vintage style, made even better by the deep bevel on both ends of the top. For as simple as it looks, there’s certainly some fine craftsmanship and consideration into each piece. To see more of his woodworking builds visit his site and dont forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel.













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