Remember those ridiculous abominations on wheels in the mid to late 2010s called “hoverboards”? Oh, what’s that? They’re still around? *Shakes head* So you remember they don’t actually hover? I know, it’s 2020. Where are our priorities?

To poke fun (we think) at the wheeled monstrosities, YouTuber The Q creates a monstrosity of his own. It’s technically still a hoverboard, a flat board between a pair of wheels, but he gives it some elevation by slapping on some chunky ol’ Formula 1 tires.

YouTube video

Here’s how he managed to create a toy even the most seasoned racer would enjoy:

1. Craft Specialized Bearings

f1 hoverboard

As the standard hoverboard isn’t meant to attach car tires (already lol’ing), The Q has to craft his own method of connecting those ginormous F1 tires to the board. Simple, right?

f1 hoverboard

By measuring an F1 tire’s diameter, he creates a pair of specialized bearings from wood, screws, and bolts. He spraypaints the wood black so it doesn’t clash with the board or the tires, before applying some electrical tape on the outer bearings.

2. Remove A Store-Bought Hoverboard’s Housing

f1 hoverboard

The Q can’t add his new bearings as the housing surrounding the board wraps around the old tires. To fix this, he removes the housing around the board’s electronics before wrapping the whole thing in electrical tape.

f1 hoverboard

Given enough time, you could make your own specialized (3d printed?) housing but for now, simply wrapping the wires, motor, and electrical boards will suffice.

3. Deflate The Tires, Add The Bearings

f1 hoverboard

Instead of removing the hoverboard tires, The Q actually deflates them to make room for his specialized bearings. He places the deflated tires into the bottom half before adding in the top and locking them in place. Genius.

4. Connect The F1 Tires

f1 hoverboard

Without further ado, The Q finally attaches the F1 tires onto his modified hoverboard. After a little elbow grease (and a lot of grunts), the finished hoverboard is now complete.

f1 hoverboard
The F1 Hoverboard it all of its glory.

Since this is basically a hoverboard with MUCH bigger tires, it works exactly as you would expect it to. It might take a little longer for the board to travel as it was, ya know, never made to support such large tires but most hoverboards move at a snail’s pace, so who’s going to really notice.

F1 tires are made for the track, so you may want to avoid F1-hoverboardin’ in the snow or rain, or I suppose you could switch them out with snow tires. Next project?

As always, The Q’s YouTube channel is chock-full of DIY goodness and weird shenanigans.


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