By day, you’re an ordinary citizen. Yet, when you hear a cry for help, you dash into the nearest telephone booth, drop your disguise and become the savior to an innocent, mildly over-reacting damsel in distress. Or at least, you would, if it were true. Everybody wants to be a superhero, but if dressing up in tights isn’t your thing, take a look at the personalized super hero you could become.

Firebox Action Heroes

Firebox will take pictures of your face and 3d print a realistic version of your head, which you can then put on a superhero of your choice: Batgirl, Batman, Captain America, Ironman, Superman or Thor (What? Where are the super VILLAINS?) It’s a super neat concept and you could really let your nerd flag fly high, get you and your lady worked up and put the both of you on top of a wedding cake. The price on your head isn’t cheap though – $130 plus shipping.

Clone Factory

If you feel like getting something much more customized or maybe a full body scan, take a look at Clone Factory. I don’t read Japanese, but pictures speak louder than words. Actually, they scream, CHECK IT OUT THIS ROCKS.

I’m a bit creeped out, to say the least. But wow, this is cool – it must be difficult to get these into the family photo album. I guess 3D printing can provide another dimension to both vanity and memory, eh?