Senvol has been a company on our radar for the past two years. Started by Wharton grads Zach Simkins and Annie Wang, Senvol’s original intention was to help companies find uses for 3D Printing outside of just rapid prototyping, identifying uses like producing discontinued OEM parts or finding parts that could be more cheaply manufactured by 3D Printing.

Now they’ve released the Senvol Database for all you Engineers and Designers out there; a very complete list of 3D printers and materials to gauge cost and material specs. Do you want to know what the hardness of 3D Systems’ Accura 55 plastic? Shore thing, they have that (pun intended).

Joking aside, this is actually really useful. One thing I hate is having to dig thru brochures to get the data I need, or worse, have to call up Sales. Not that Salespeople are bad, it’s just that when one wants to window-shop, no one likes it when the shopkeeper runs out the door to walk and talk with you on the street about his fine line of whatever

YouTube video

However nice it is to have literally hundreds of material values in all XYZ directions, the one thing that is missing is price. A difficult subject to quantify, as there are a whole host of factors that enter or exit from the frame, like part complexity, size and how grumpy the technician is. But hey, I would love it if Senvol could have scraped data from Shapeways and iMaterialise to give us a hint of the cost.

Regardless, if you have time, if you’re an Engineer, take a look at the database and bookmark it. If you’re a manager and is interested in utilizing 3D Printing, I highly recommend an old video from last year where Senvol covers all of the bases of using 3D Printing in an industrial setting.