You might not recall the man’s name, but you’ve surely seen his work somewhere online. Felix Semper, a self-taught Cuban-American artist whose claim to fame is sculpture, doesn’t sculpt wood or stone; he sculpts paper.

In a recent interview with WPBT2, he provided some insight into the process behind the paper sculpting that took him a year to perfect.

What I do, is take sheets of paper, individual sheets of paper, glue them in stacks, and then I cut them to about the size I think the sculpture is going to be, and then I start carving it. So, all this process is, is eliminating paper. It’s kinda like the original technique of sculpting but in a different method.

He has a painting studio and a separate sculpture studio where he creates his paper sculptures. Here’s a look at what that’s like in a short video Felix share of himself working in the sculpture studio:

YouTube video

Though he mostly works behind closed doors, the studio video gives you an idea of the approach (and mess) that goes into creating sculptures from layered chunks of paper. We just wish he would share a little more of this amazing process. He has also expanded from layers of glued paper to using layers of wood and other recyclable materials. The interview provides more context as to why they’ve been so popular (first 5 minutes):

YouTube video

You can find a collection of Felix Semper’s stretchable work at He has a few of his famous sculptures for sale. Currently, you can buy a Coke can, burger, or Campbell soup can but they’ll cost you about $3,000-4,000 a pop. To see the sculptures in all their paper-flexing glory, you should definitely check out his YouTube channel as well.


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