In the wide world of manufacturing—from seamless iPhone assemblies to precision watch parts—who would have thought that the manufacturing of ping pong balls would be so dang fascinating to watch?

Yes—the little plastic balls, which can often be found in packs of six at your local convenience store for less than $5, have a considerably more complicated and laborious production process than you might think. After all, when you’re smacking the heck out of a little plastic ball for hours on end with shots that need to be accurate every time, there’s a fine balance between precision and durability that can be easy to overlook.

In any case, whether your sport of choice is Beer Pong or Table Tennis, take a moment to appreciate that little white (or orange or yellow) ball next time you have one in your hand:

YouTube video

And in case you’ve never seen this professional table tennis match before, you’re welcome:

YouTube video