I don’t know if I’d really call it ‘the Biggest’ 3D print. I’d be more likely to call it the BIGGESTEST Freeform Architecture 3D Print ever excreted by the pucker of a print head.

You remember Enrico Dini, right? The fine Italian gent with a passion for print? He’s working on his next project, a quaint island Villa. Layer by layer, piece by piece, his team is printing and assembling the free-form structure over the summer. He provided us a couple preview shots of a ‘small’ section that will soon serve as a room at the villa. Here are the images of one direction 3D print is going.

Here are some other images that show a close-up of the sandstone print material and a sketch of the Villa. In the end, this will be a home on the island of Sardinia, off the cost of Italy. It’s called Villa Rocce and is a collaboration between Enrico Dini’s D_Shape and James Gardiner’s Faan Studio.


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