If you ever accidentally smashed your fingers or toes in a door, you’ll know it’s one of the most painful experiences imaginable. (Perhaps, second to the agonizing pain of LEGOs under your foot) The pain would usually start a little while after the impact but trust me, you’d say the nastiest words possible once it kicks in.

While doorstops prevent these types of accidents, they can easily be broken or moved by children and pets. So how do you keep the door safe for everyone?

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Becky and Billy Pesacov think they have the answer with the Doorwing – an attachable door and finger guard which keeps doors open safely. Instead of hammering in a new device onto each of your doors, the Doorwing can be adjusted to fit the entrances of your rooms.

The Knob


The guard is mostly comprised of white ABS plastic which is molded using steel molds. To attach it, all you need is to turn its knob to lock the device on the edge of a door. Since you can adjust the height of the Doorwing, you can ensure only those who are tall (or clever) enough can reach the guard.

The knob can be fitted to doors measuring 1.2-1.8 inches thick. As an added safety bonus, a finger pinch guard is located near the knob. This acts much like your standard doorstop and prevents accidents that could result in blackened fingers or broken nails. (Ouch!)

The Hook


The other half of the Doowing prevents people from going in. While the knob latches onto the door itself, the hook attaches to the door frame. Frames measuring 5.4-8.5 inches thick can be covered by the hook’s length while still allowing you room to adjust the door opening.

Say you want only a small gap to ventilate the room. Just add a few inches of extra space to the adjustable hook. Want room for your cat to enter but not the dog? Add a few inches more.

It’s Adaptable and Easy to Use


The cool thing about the Doorwing is how adaptable it can be. If you just want to use it as a doorstop, you can fold the hook to disable the locking mechanism. If you don’t want to use the Doorwing at the moment, you can fold the entire thing away whilst still keeping it attached to your door. It even works on those fancy double doors!


The Doorwing is also idiot-proof. Should you accidentally lock yourself out of or inside a room with a Doorwing attached to the entrance, you can unlock the device from either side by sliding the hook.

The Doorwing is currently live on Kickstarter and currently has a funding of US$6,037. Its original goal was just to reach US$4,015 but to our surprise, it seems like lots of folks out there are in desperate need of a tool like this. Well, we can’t blame them. Seeing that a lot of us still work from home, it’s no surprise that people would want to keep their workspaces safe from naughty kids. Most of all, it keeps your fingers in a good condition at all times!


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