Missed the early adoption period for a Google Glass? Need to see how they frame your pretty mug without forking over the $$$? Sunny Gao, an entrepreneur from China, showed off his replica Google Glass during the the Global Hackathon this past weekend in Shanghai. He also uploaded the file for your 3D printing pleasure.

3D Print the Google Glass

Perhaps this is one of the best examples of personal manufacturing today: take the hottest new tech toy and create an exact replica right in your own home. While the full functionality of running Android with 16 GB of storage space and a WiFi/Bluetooth-connected 5-megapixel camera that records 720p videos isn’t necessarily there, it is a unique application that illustrates the disruptive power of 3D printing today…without the use of shoddy guns or dishwasher replacement parts.


Perhaps the best scenario for this free downloadable model is the ability to print it as a ‘toy’ for kids who will soon want to adopt using their parents’ Google Glass just like they did with their parents’ iPhones. On the FAQ page for Google Glass, Google mentions that the next tech toy isn’t for everyone: “Don’t let children under 13 use Google Glass as it could harm developing vision.” It should also be dully noted that the product itself does contain glass…near the eye….which could have a bad consequence if handled without care. Google Glass is expected to be released in 2014 publicly, however if you…or your kid…want to try on a pair before then, head on over to the link that Gao shared with the public for free (note: Google Translator recommended). The file is an .SKP Google SketchUp file.





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