The best part about having a chilled soda is drinking one after a hard, hot day’s work. The worst part? Waiting for it to get cold.

While you could wait 20 minutes by storing your beverage in a cooler or fridge, Chris Notap has found a much faster way to chill a soda: through an empty Powerade bottle and an electric drill:

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The reason Chris uses a Powerade bottle isn’t because of some sponsorship deal (though they really should reach out to him). It’s because the bottle’s unique design allows for sodas to fit exactly the way he wants them to.

The Powerade bottle in question has three grooves on the side for a handgrip, a measurement of 7 and 3/4ths of an inch in height, and a flat cover.

chill soda machine

Start by drilling a ¼-inch hole into the center of the bottle cap. Then, fit a ¼-inch bolt (roughly 1/2-inch long), along with a washer on either side and a nut through the bottom of the cap. The end of the bolt should protrude from the top of the bottle cap, along with the nut.

chill soda machine

Next, you’ll want to cut the top half of the Powerade bottle in between the embossed letters “D” and “E”. Once done, you have the option of drilling two holes on either side of the remaining bottle to help your soda cool faster.

chill soda machine

Lastly, fit the bolt to your drill, set it to low speed, and fit your soda into the Powerade top with the bottom side facing the drill.

Dip the beverage into your cooler and rev it up at full speed on low for about a minute and a half. The rotations will chill your soda at a breakneck pace which, thankfully, Chris mentions doesn’t affect the amount of fizz. If all goes well, you should have a soda with a temperature that sits nicely around the 4°C mark (or 40°F).

chill soda machine

It may have taken 90 seconds to cool the beverage with the drill, but it could take you an extra 5 minutes to make this modified cooling apparatus. Still, 6 and a half minutes feels like a short time compared to the 20 grueling minutes you have to wait by storing your soda in a cooler the old-fashioned way.

Chris has more DIY creations, inventions, and hacks on his YouTube channel, Chris Notap.


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