Few materials are as cheap and versatile as cardboard, which makes it a perfect building material for everything from rough prototypes to even finished products. Put in the hands of a true artist, however, and the material elevates to a new dimension entirely.

At least, this is the case with Japanese artist Monomi Ohno. While most of us likely toss our Amazon boxes into the recycle bin without thinking about it, Ohno goes full-on DaVinci with the box cutter and tape. And like many great artists, she learned how to master the medium not out of choice—but out of necessity.

As a 3D animation student at Osaka University of the Arts, Ohno decided to hone her 3D modeling skills by using physical materials as a way to better understand how to create virtual models. Turns out, she was pretty dang good at it and just kept going. To date, she’s created everything from Nike shoes to the Back to the Future DeLorean:







Be sure to check out the rest of Ohno’s impressive portfolio of cardboard builds over at her website. For those looking to hone their own cardboard crafting skills, look no further than our good friend Jude Pullen over at Design Modeling.


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