As the main transportation method of the early logging industry in Northern European countries, uitto – or log driving – was the process of moving logs from a forest to sawmills downstream using the current of a river. It is also the inspiration for a group of Finnish skateboarders who want to bring sustainable skateboard manufacturing into the 21st century. More specifically, the team wants to bring the traditional wooden board into this day and age with an updated cradle to cradle biocomposite skateboard design that is free of harmful chemicals and is 100% fully recyclable without sacrificing build integrity or quality.

“The Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard is a fun-loving, eco-friendly cruiser,” explains the team. “It’s neither the stiffest, smallest nor the lightest board on the market, but rather an intentional compromise to create a board as adaptable as possible. We designed it to be forgiving and smooth, while enabling tricks and rougher riding.”

The boards, which are molded from wood fibers sourced sustainably from nordic forests, are resistant to water and warping and are capable of being remolded multiple times simply by grinding them back to granulates and remolding them – if necessary.



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Available in three earth-friendly colors (bark, moss and stone), each board has its own unique pattern due to the organic flow of material during the molding process. With over three weeks left to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the young design entrepreneurs are still seeking close to $50K to finalize their mold design with single decks starting at just $49.


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