Anyone who plays the electric guitar knows the struggle of finding the perfect guitar – something that both sounds amazing and matches your personal style.

While classic profiles such as the Les Paul, the Telecaster and of course, the infamous Stratocaster can fit the sound and style of many different musicians, it is sometimes the more untraditional custom guitars that are the most memorable.

Among others, the recently-designed Candy guitar from Studio Joran Briand comes to mind.

Using candy apples as a form of reference, Joran Briand not only used the iconic candied fruit as inspiration for the final form and finish, but also the method of fabrication; the back of the guitar is dipped in a bright, candy-colored resin.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 9.28.15 AM



“This project is a story of friendship, design and music,” said the designer.

“One summer evening, the Ateliers SeeWhy asked me to draw a guitar to initiate their project ‘A designer, a guitar’, which proposes to associate the design and lute-making.”

What culminated after that summer evening was a guitar designed specifically for a band the designer loves – a French band called La Femme – and the bright resin glazing is a nod to the sound of the band – which the designer refers to as a “California Psycho” sound:

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Find out more over at Studio Jorian Brand.


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