Whether you prefer to cook your steaks over an outdoor fire or in the kitchen, few materials offer excellent heat retention properties and a better experience than cast iron cookware. With its near-perfect design, the age-old cast iron skillet has changed very little over the past two-thousand years and continues to be handed down through families as an heirloom ripe for storytelling.

As self-proclaimed “cast iron specialists”, the team of chefs and engineers at Portland, Oregon-based FINEX have taken everything that’s great about the classic cast iron skillet and updated it with better usability features including a polished cook surface, thicker castings, an octagonal shape for easier pouring and an ergonomic spring handle that stays cool for gripping the pan while cooking.

Says FINEX founder Mike Whitehead:

“We love cast iron because it’s deeply good at what it does. It’s as steady as an old friend, as loyal as a good dog and more handsome than the average quarterback. Whether it’s searing, baking, pancaking, grilling or scrambling we don’t have to tell you how versatile it is. Granted don’t microwave it but if cast iron wasn’t so humble we’d probably hate it for being so talented.”

In this video released by the company, we get a behind the scenes look at went into updating the seemingly perfect and timeless cast iron skillet design:

Find out more about the heavy-duty cookware over at FINEX.


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