Founded in Sheffield, England in 1902 (also the birthplace of stainless steel), Ernest Wright and Sons has been churning out some of the best scissors and shears in the world for everybody from professional tailors to barbers and everything in between. Unlike mass-produced offerings such as the iconic Fiskars Orange-Handled Scissors, each pair of blades that comes out of Ernest Wright and Sons’ Sheffield factory are handmade using the same processes from 1860…when the earliest Wright started the craft of making scissors.

In ‘The Putter’, filmmaker Shaun Bloodworth takes us on a journey into what happens behind the scenes at Wright and Sons and what it means to be a highly-skilled and aptly-named “scissor putter-togetherer”.

A scissor putter-togetherer is the proud title given to the holder of a five-year-to-fully-apprenticed skill set and trade, known and still used by our craftsmen today.
-Ernest Wright and Sons

Warning: watching the quality control portion of the video may be damaging to your wallet as you’ll never want to use a junk pair of scissors again.











You can check out the entire catalog of Ernest Wright and Sons’ impressive blades here.


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