Aiming to bring the best of yester-century into today’s modern work environments, Studio Renier Winkelaar, an independent design agency two hours outside of Amsterdam, has created a table that is both modern and built to last.

The Craft 2.0 table, which uses only one material (oak) and omits any type of modern fasteners—including screws—was inspired by the gear assemblies seen in old Dutch windmills. Measuring in at between 230-270 cm, the table can be extended by cranking on the built-in wooden gears inspired by techniques and pen and hole connections seen in the construction of the aforementioned Dutch windmills:




Aside from the construction, the design was also focused on exploring how the sense of quality, solidity and emotional value seen in older wood furniture designs could be translated to today’s world with a contemporary twist.

“At the present time you can find many furniture manufactured in bulk, furniture that are perfected in terms of price/quality due to modern manufacturing processes,” said Winkelaar. “This furniture is designed and produced to go along a style period and then to be replaced…After this observation, I wondered whether what people of previous generations say about anything used to be better can be achieved in the present time.”









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