Here’s a treat for those who take to the street screaming “La revolución consolidada!” Last week we revealed that AIO Robotics, a small start-up out of the University of Southern California (USC) would be launching the “World’s First All-in-one 3D Copy Machine.” The functions include 3D printing, 3D scanning, copying and faxing (from one copier to another) of your 3D geometry. They launched this morning and halfway to their $100,000 goal to take development beyond the prototype stage and bring a chunky layer of consolidation the 3D printing revolution.


Make 3D Copy Easy as 2D Copy

Jens Windau and Kai Chang started building robots together at USC, building 3D printers, 3D scanners and soon experienced the large amount of space all these separate devices were taking up. Some would say it’s so obvious, or at the very least that separate printers and scanners are intermediate technologies. With the mix and the talk of 3D printers and 3D scanners, it only makes sense that the technologies be combined. Now, it’s happening.


Who are the players?

FABtotum launched their Personal Fabricator (3D print, scan, cut, mill) project on Indiegogo last week, quickly hitting their $50,000 goal and passing $100k with over a month to go.

AIO Robotics is the University start-up launching their Kickstarter project, the Zeus all-in-on 3D copy machine that includes 3D printing, 3D scanning, copy and faxing functions.

Radiant Fabrication announced their upcoming Kickstarter campaign yesterday integrating 3D printing, scanning and modeling software.

Even though Zeus began as a school project AIO Robotics is a fully-staffed start-up with big name partnerships. The crew of eight have the assistance of the USC School of Engineering, KPCB investments, Gunderson Dettmer and Edwards Wildman on legal counsel and Pull Creative on design.

Some may think the combination of the printing and scanning technologies would dilute the accuracy, precision and capability, but the group has gone to great lengths to address the main causes of heartache for both 3D printing and 3D scanning, specifically bed leveling and mesh repair, automating it to a level that makes setting, adjusting and resetting unnecessary. They even compare the Zeus all-in-one to the leading 3D printer + scanner combo on the market, the Makerbot R2 + Digitizer, showing superiority across every aspect including print/scan resolution and price.



800+ lasers compared to 2? More lasers, more better. They’re addressing the packaging of all the components/filament and still maintaining small footprint with high scan/print resolution by locating the print and scan area in the same location–a footprint that takes up a small deskspace. It comes completely pre-assembled with it’s own integrated software accessible via the full-color display running on a 1.7Ghz quad-core ARM-based processor to process the 3D data which is loaded from an SD Card slot.

Layer Resolution: 100 microns (200 & 300 options available for faster prints)
Build/Scan Volume: 26cm x 18cm x 15cm
Material compatibility: PLA (1.75mm)

One Machine, Four functions (Scan, Print, Copy, Fax)

  • Affordability: Saving cost by using one platform for multiple purposes
  • Space efficiency:  No cable connections from/to a computer
  • 100% compatibility: Scanner and printer are adjusted and calibrated
  • Flexibility: Print any 3D model from a CAD, 3D scanner, or an online marketplace

With the integrated hardware you get the simplicity, but if you’re use to having more options with positioning and slicing, you may feel at a loss. However, they do have an API in the works that could help you achieve the extended options you crave. At $1999 for a fully-assembled Zeus, the early bird special are almost gone. Next level puts the price at $2499 and you know they have shirts, prints and other paraphernalia that come with each pledge. This is the first of its kind folks. Jump on it here.



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