Ever wish there was a one-stop-shop machine that could do everything you needed for your project, including scanning on through to 3D printing? Stop wishing – a new Kickstarter project from 5AXISWORKS has you covered with their new ‘5AXISMAKER Multi-Fabricator’.

The 5AXISMAKER is a combination 3D scanner, 5-axis milling machine, 3D printer, water jet cutter and wire cutter all in one desktop-sized box! The magic behind the machine is a swappable head that performs each different job.

As opposed to having multiple machines in your workshop (or on your desktop), switching between fabrication methods is as simple as replacing the head for 3D printing or snapping in a touch-probe to scan 3D objects for prototyping and fabrication.

I’ve never been a fan of ‘all-in-one machines’—such as lathes with an attachable third axis mill—however, unlike a 3-axis machine, the 5AXISMAKER can move in five directions with the arm moving in three and an actuated head moving in two. This means it can create complex shapes in great detail in just one go rather than using multiple passes.

It should be noted however, that it appears that 5AXISWORKS has only developed the milling head at this point with the goal of the other heads to follow suit in the near future.

The project has already reached over half of their $81,000 goal and still have over three weeks left to go in their campaign.




Those interested in getting their hands on an early model can pledge $7,925, which nets you the machine and one milling head (others to follow). Head over to theirkickstarter page for more pictures and a chance to jump in on this system.


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