Considered by many to be the “original French tumbler”, the tempered Picardie glasses from iconic French brand Duralex have become nearly as iconic as a crêpe or a beret when it comes to French style. The glassware’s easily identifiable curves have also made it recognizable (and famous) in a number of posters and films including the latest James Bond film, Skyfall.

But whether the glass is being used by Bond whilst drinking a crazy scorpion-whiskey concoction, or for the more casual user that prefers sparkling water to go alongside an espresso at a sidewalk café, the simple design of the tumbler also makes it ripe for remixing into a number of other product designs – like, 70 – which is exactly what Paris-based 5.5 designstudio recently did.

In celebration of the brand’s 70th anniversary, the design studio envisioned 70 ways (one for each year, count ’em!) to use the brand’s Picardie glass – all of which didn’t involve using the tumbler as a drinking vessel.


“A Duralex (Picardie) glass is the very essence of what we believe about design – there’s nothing gratuitous or artificial about its conception,” said designer Jean-Sébastien Blanc, who worked on the project. “Functionality is everything, and that’s what makes it beautiful.”




Altogether, the collection of 70 alternative uses for the Picardie glass include everything from a bird feeder and a pencil sharpener to a salt shaker and a vase. While the alternative uses for the glass are certainly a fun and whimsical design exercise in their own right, perhaps the most innovative component of the project was the studio’s decision to release all of the 70 design files as open source files for anybody around the world to 3D print at home.













While the studio hasn’t yet published the files online, interested users can head over to their website to stay updated. As for the Duralex Picardie glasses, they can be purchased in sets of six for $17.50 over at the Duralex website. For those that are in Paris, the studio will be showing off the collection through June 6th and selling pre-manufactured designs through the Centre Pompidou Shop.


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